Some photos from the Oregon coast (and one from Portland). 

Some documentation of my installation for Art Matters at Eastern Bloc.

Bridging the Eastern Townships and Scotland 2013

Full Video:

Estimated Location Inferred

With help from Mathieu Blanchette I created this website which is essentially a map of my web presence. Try navigating the site. Best viewed on a computer, it can be a bit heavy for a phone or tablet. 

Come by Art Souterrain tonight for nuit blanche! My project Home 1963-2013 will be up in Place Cité International.

Art Souterrain 2014

My video installation of my grandmother’s house will be up at Art Souterrain from the 1st of March until the 16th. Please check it out! 

Parc Jean-Drapeau, Fall 2013
I was going through some old archives and I found this photo I took in the forest near the cliffs of dover. I don’t remember what I did to it to make it look like this but I think I like it.

Home 1963-2013 (EXCERPT)

Finally posting the project I spent all of last year on in my 300 class. This is a preservation of my grandmother’s house through video and installation. It’s a combination of photos and videos collaged together. Part of it was up at the FOFA gallery in December and will likely be up again (in full) elsewhere in March. I will post the details closer to the dates. 

Untitled Sculpture Project, 2013 
This was my first attempt at creating a physical digital sculpture. Created from 2d milling and based on a 3d design made in rhino. I wanted to create an odd alien-like object. It’s about 2 feet high.  

Megan Moore: Searching for ancestral lands

This project titled Bridging the Eastern Townships and Scotland was created for one of my classes last semester in which we went on a mini-residency in the Eastern Townships. It was a great experience and I hope to continue this project in the future. 

Somewhere between Montreal and New York City… 

Coney Island, Summer 2013

Parc Jean Drapeau, Post-Osheaga 2013

Parc Jean Drapeau, Post-Osheaga 2013

More in next post…

These are about seventy variations on different jewelry ads pulled from fashion and wedding magazines.